MWconn for Windows
for Windows
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ixconn for Ubuntu
for Ubuntu

Freeware Access Tool for mobile Internet

MWconn Screenshot-Kombination
  • tiny executable: 0.3 MB, very little CPU load
  • standard settings for several Internet providers
  • permanently displaying:
    • up- and download speed in kBytes/s
    • used data volume in kByte (with round option)
    • used online time (with round option)
    • mode of operation UMTS(3G)/GPRS(2G)
    • LTE support (Huawei E398 and Sierra MC7710)
    • used speed range EDGE on/off, HSPA on/off
    • signal strength in percent and dBm
    • network name and cell id (if provided by modem)
    • homezone status
    • battary status
  • movable mini window with information display:
    • sitting on the task bar
    • at upper screen border
    • in front of the start button (Windows)
    • as dynamic tray icon with gauges
  • warning when exceeding data volume or online time
  • optional beep output for signal strength
  • optional beep at network change and cell change
  • manal or automatic selection of network and mode
  • optional warning when using not listet networks
  • determination of receivable networks, incl. signal strength
  • retrieve and charge prepaid credit
  • automatics:
    • start/terminate connections
    • start extern programs such as Browser or Ping
    • reconnect after errors/freezes
    • generate dial-up entry (Windows)
    • dynamic com port determination
  • adjustable connection error tolerance
  • connection test by "smart Ping"
  • SMS manager
  • PC remote-control by SMS and incomming call
  • SMS transmission by batch job
  • logging of data volume and connection information
  • connection statistics as semigraphics
  • timer for program end or shutdown
  • deactivate graphics compression (some networks)
  • supported PC cards, USB modems, modules:
    • Huawei and compatibles
    • Novatel and compatibles
    • Option and compatibles
    • Qualcomm (with Windows)
    • Sierra and compatibles
    • ZTE
    • Linksys router WRT54G3G
    • most mobile phones by dial-up connection
    • conventional dial-up connections (e.g. ISDN)
      detailed description available at MWconn Wiki
  • scriptable, IPC by shared memory
  • service terminal for data card commands
  • shows data card netlocks
  • service log for data card control communication
  • program language selectable (English or German)
  • for Ubuntu, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/embedded (32 and 64bit)
Detailed informations concerning both programs, MWconn and ixconn, are available at the help page.
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